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2012年にローンチし、瞬く間に全国に広がった泡にまみれて踊る「泡パ®」のオリジネーター。他にも、街中を巨大ウォータースライダーに変える「Slide the City」、スカイランタンとチルアウトミュージックを楽しむ絶景フェス「The Lantern Fest」、ハウスミュージックに合わせてマグロをさばく「マグロハウス®」、平日朝6時半から踊って出社する「早朝フェス®」、SONYとコラボした360度未体験ピンポン「低音卓球」、佐賀県とコラボした120万枚の桜の花びらに埋もれる「SAKURA CHILL BAR by 佐賀ん酒」など、話題のプロジェクトを数多く手がける。

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CEO of Afro&Co., Ltd.
Create new experiences with Innovative ideas.

“creating new, thrilling events with a powerful Core Idea”, Executive Ability, and In-depth Design, including creative experiences especially for PR and SNS.

Below are the past events put on by Afromance. Foam Party “AWAPA”, which had 50,000 people in attendance.

“Slide the City JAPAN”, where the downtown was converted into a huge slide and all 10,000 of the tickets were sold out.

“The Lantern Fest JAPAN”, which 280,000 people applied to join for our very first event.

“Maguro House”, the only party on record to show huge tuna cut with cool house music at a night club.

Early morning fest “Sochofes”, where dancing began bright and early from 6:30 am on weekdays. New Feeling table tennis collaborated with SONY, dubbed as “BASS PING PONG”, “SAKURA CHILL BAR by SAGANSAKE”, buried in the petals of 1.2 million cherry blossoms collaborated with Saga Prefecture.

I am working on a variety of unique topic events.

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